History of Database Systems


History of Database Systems

*1950s and early 1960s:
  Data processing using magnetic tapes for storage
   Tapes provide only sequential access
  Punched cards for input

*Late 1960s and 1970s:
  Hard disks allow direct access to data
  Network and hierarchical data models in widespread use
  Ted Codd defines the relational data model
   Would win the ACM Turing Award for this work
   IBM Research begins System R prototype
   UC Berkeley begins Ingres prototype
  High-performance (for the era) transaction processing

  Research relational prototypes evolve into commercial systems
   SQL becomes industry standard
  Parallel and distributed database systems
  Object-oriented database systems

  Large decision support and data-mining applications
  Large multi-terabyte data warehouses
  Emergence of Web commerce

  XML and XQuery standards
  Automated database administration
  Increasing use of highly parallel database systems
  Web-scale distributed data storage systems

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